Bakerista Magazine: Behind the Bakerista

Bakerista Magazine: Behind the Bakerista

A new bakery opens in town and their artisinal approach to the desserts, feel and vibe of their baking space always makes me wonder who is behind the creation and business.

Many times we find out the origin story about the desserts or the cutest bakery but we never really get to know the baker, the creator behind using the spatula. 

In this series we will be meeting and celebrating some of the best bakers, tastemakers and bakery owners of your favorite bakeries in Southern California. 

Follow our Bakery Vlog on You Tube on our new channel, Bakerista Magazine to discover bakers stories, bakeries and find out about some of the newest, uniquely curated and hottest bakeries in town. You may be surprised on which bakery doors we walk though and which ones you fall in love with!




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