Shop exclusive statement pieces for your kitchen as we team up with curator and textile artisan Vulcan + Ice for our Mother's Day collection! 

Paired together with our Neutral Spatula Sets, a pair of handmaid tea towels will give a splash of color to your kitchen. These unique, one-of a kind textiles are perfect for the stylish Bakerista who want that statement piece in your kitchen space. 

Kitchen Towel Tea Towels:

Spring Collection:

New to the collection: 

The ICY EDIT (available in Blue/Grey/White)

TOURMALINE (Purple/Pink/Beige)

3 Wrap Anything Towels // Fabric is made of 100% cotton and are highly absorbent and lint free. Suitable towels for kitchen or bathroom use, as an accent piece showcased during your dining experience, or as Furoshiki (as part of Japanese way of life, squares of fabric are used to hand carry items or to wrap gifts). Each piece has its own unique pattern that can also be frame-able and wearable! 

Meet the Artist: Marsinah-Creator of Vulcan + Ice

Marsinah studied Art at Long Beach State University. Inspiried by nature and culture, Marsinah likes to experiment with various techniques and acknowledges that each varied result stirs inspiration and coveys a statement.  

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Instagram: VULCAN + ICE