Bests Bakery Vlogs to Follow in 2023: Bakerista Magaine

Bests Bakery Vlogs to Follow in 2023: Bakerista Magaine

Bakerista Magazine

Welcome to Bakerista Magazine! In this digital magazine, we will be featuring some of the best home Bakers, local Bakeries and celebrate Bakery owners from around the world. We hope you enjoy reading about these amazing Bakeristas and the delicious treats they offer.


What's a Bakerista?

A Bakerista is a not a monolith, its a whole vibe, a mood and an expression of yourself in your baking. Not only will we follow inspiring baking stories but we will highlight, celebrate and elevate small business Bakeries to you, the customer who helps keep their baking dreams alive.

Bakerista magazine will also showcase and inspire the next generation of Bakers, Bakeristas and Tastemakers. 


About the Founder: Kymbie 

Kimberly "Kymbie" Covington-Scott is the founder and editor-in-chief of Bakerista Magazine.

Her creation of the first Black Woman owned Brand for Aesthetic and Ergonomic Bakeware, she has curated a focus on baking and pastry arts with design and aesthetics in mind. As an advocate for ergonomic baking tools, she used her surgical background as a Neurosurgery Physician Assistant to design ergonomic baking tools to make baking more comfortable and efficient for both professionals and home bakers.

Her passion for creating Ergonomic baking tools, similar to what surgeons use in long hours of surgery are specifically designed to reduce stress on the hands, wrists, and arms during the baking process. Her focus on sleek, understated baking tools not only can endure hours of repetitive use but she curated the colors and aethtetic that match any home kitchen design aesthetic. Her Kymbie brand partnership with Amazon include tools like iridescent cake scrapers  and  measuring cup sets which are easier to grip and use than traditional tools and eye catching for Baking Content Creators. Her signature design of the 3-piece Neurtral Aeethtich Baking Spatula set with ergonomic handles, make mixing batter less strenuous on the wrists and arms.

Scott is a strong advocate for the use of ergonomic tools in the baking industry, as she believes they can improve the overall health and wellbeing of bakers. 

As a content creator herself, Kymbie has also collaborated with other home bakers and national brands to create unique and innovative baking content. Her brand, Kymbie Baking Supply is a Nationally Certified Minority Owned Business in the USA and her Bakerista clothing brand is made and designed in Los Angeles, California. 

Kymbie Baking Supply and Bakerista Magazine are both excellent resources for bakers looking to up their game. The stylish and functional baking tools from Kymbie Baking Supply make baking more enjoyable and ergonomic, while the creative content from Bakerista Magazine provides inspiration for bakers to experiment and try new things.

Together, our two brands are making the baking community a more beautiful and delicious place.  We hope you enjoy our Bakerista Magazine Bakery vlog on You Tube as we provide a Bakers journey on the baking content that inspires creativity in the baking world.


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